Who Are Your Heroes?


We’ve been working our way through the book of Hebrews. I hope you’ve been following— and have benefitted from— our adult Bible study discussion, the Advent devotional, and the Advent midweek series. One of the things that we’ll be doing in the coming months, especially the Lenten devotions and midweek series, is spending time in Hebrews chapter 11– the chapter on the “Heroes of the faith.” These men and women really were tested in a variety of ways and, by their actions, showed where their faith truly lay. We’ll revisit their stories, learn how, exactly, they were tested, and see what God accomplished through them. 

As we hear their stories once again, we’ll be reminded what genuine ‘faith’ looks like. More importantly, we’ll be pointed to the object of their faith: Jesus Christ. Their faith was strong enough to accomplish remarkable things because the One in whom they placed their trust was most certainly trustworthy. It’s worth learning about the saints so that we can be encouraged by their example. But the greatest blessing is the evidence that their lives give that the One in whom you have put your faith really is more powerful than the devil, the world, and you sinful flesh— even more powerful than death itself. He has promised you seemingly impossible things— that you have been born again in baptism, that your sins are forgiven, that you have eternal life— and these stories reassure us that, as impossible as they seem, God’s promises are trustworthy. 

So please be watching for the Lenten devotional and the midweek series. Take full advantage of the opportunity to join us for adult Bible study, either in person or via the livestream on our Facebook page. Make the most of this opportunity to dig deeper into this wonderful section of God’s Word.


Pastor Stolarczyk