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Help Us Open the 2018-2019 School Year

nullOn Monday, August 27, we'll kick off the new school year with opening chapel services at both of our campuses. The community is invited to join us as we introduce new staff, start off the year with God's Word and prayer, and try to harness the youthful energy that will certainly be in abundance. You can join us for the 2nd-8th grade chapel service at Immanuel, Sebewaing, at about 8:10 a.m. The chapel service for Preschool-1st grade will be here at St. Paul, Unionville.

Changes Coming to Little Knights Preschool

What’s Changing?

We are sad to announce that Jenni Vermeersch will not be returning as director of Little Knights Preschool when the new year begins this fall. A new director has not yet been named, but the schoonulll board is working to find the best director to lead our program for years to come.

These last few years have seen some significant changes to better serve the families in our community. We’ve gone from half-day only to offering full day options, before and after school care, as well as care on snow days and breaks. Jenni has certainly been an important part of those changes. We are grateful for all she has done. 

We pray that, through this change, we will be able to continue to expand our program and better serve the families of our community.

What’s Staying the Same?

The new director will bring her own unique style to the program, but the basic structure will remain the same. 2, 3, 4, and 5 half and full days a week will still be offered at the published rates. Latchkey will continue as last year. 

Please continue to pray for our teachers, and our school, as well as our school board as they continue their important work.

(Edit @ 3:45 p.m. on 7/17) If you need to make changes to your registration, please contact the school office in Sebewaing at 883-3730. 

From the Principal for June 2018

This chapter in the history of Christ the King Lutheran School has come to a close. CTK had a few field trips in late May with Preschool heading to the Unionville Park, Kindergarten heading to Wilderness Park in Birch Run, 1st Grade to the Octagon Barn, 2nd Grade to the Chippewa Nature Center, 3rd Grade to Sloan Museum and Planetarium, 4th Grade to Crossroads Village, 5th Grade to the USS Edson, 6th Grade and 7th Grades to the Planetarium, and 8th Grade held its Washington, DC trip.

In addition to the field trips, CTK was busy with our musical students as they competed in MusicFest at Valley Lutheran High School. I have not received the results yet for publication but I have heard from several different students that both choirs and the individual students performed quite well again this year. The very next day, CTK students had some fun as they participated in Field Day. Students played two different water races, soccer croquet, 9 square in the air, tire roll, and some game that involved scooters and plungers (Don’t look at me - it was the new guy’s game).

At the end of the year, the 7th and 8th grade students of CTK were able to have a unique learning experience. A deputy from the Huron County Sheriff’s Department came to CTK on the last week of school to provide a course on boater safety. The students sat through two different days of instruction. I would like to thank Sheriff Kelly Hanson for providing the chance for CTK students to be part of this learning opportunity.

There are two graduations that Christ the King Lutheran School would like to announce. Mrs. Jenni Vermeersch will be conducting the Little Knights Preschool Graduation on Friday, June 1st. This will be taking place at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Unionville at 6 PM. The 8th grade graduation will be held on Monday, June 4th, in the CTK Sebewaing gymnasium. The ceremony will begin at 6:30 PM with Mr. Travis Grulke providing the graduation address to the 8th grade class. A reception held in honor of the Class of 2018 provided by the 7th grade class will follow immediately after the graduation in the cafeteria.

Finally, the last day of school for Christ the King Lutheran School for the 2017-2018 school year will be taking place on Tuesday, June 5th. An award assembly will take place at 8:00 AM in the CTK Sebewaing gymnasium for ALL students in grades K-8. I would like to invite you to see this time where we recognize all our students. Immediately following the awards assembly, Christ the King will hold our final chapel for the year. We again invite you to this special worship experience.

On Tuesday evening, CTK will hold ourGoodbye BBQ at the Unionville Campus. This will be taking place at 5 PM. Come and enjoy a relaxed family picnic where we all can reminiscence about the memories made during our year at Christ the King. We pay that God will provide a wonderful weather as we fellowship with each other and say goodbye to our 8th grade students and those families who will be leaving CTK next year.

Thank you for your love and support of Christ the King this year. Christ the King does not exist without backing from people like you. Please continue to pray and if you are led by the Spirit, donate financially, for Christ the King Lutheran School - THE premiere Lutheran school in the Thumb.

I pray that you make a difference in God’s ministry this week.

nullIn HIS ministry,

David Kaiser, Principal

Christ the King Lutheran School, Sebewaing/Unionville




From the Principal for March 2018

nullGreetings from Christ the King Lutheran School. CTK would like to announce that we have selected two students for the Isaac and Ruth student Awards. Mr. Orion Monforton was nominated for the Isaac award by Mr. Kaiser while Miss Macy Reinhardt was nominated by Mr. Deneen for the Ruth award. CTK is proud of these students. In addition to these to student servants, CTK is also proud of our basketball teams. The teams closed out their seasons by both winning three games and bringing home the Silver Division league championships to CTK. But what impressed me more was the sportsmanship that was displayed by both teams. The league games seemed to be more physical than the regular season scheduled games. Our teams conducted themselves with patience and grace. Thank you, men and women of CTK, for glorifying God with your athletic talents. The girls’ basketball team has been invited to play in the state of Michigan Lutheran Basketball Tournament in early March. Congratulations to our ladies for receiving such an honor.

Students who achieved their “Every Knight Reads” goals were treated to a special reward. They were able to bring in a beverage of their choice and a pillow as they watched a movie on the big screen in the Sebewaing gymnasium. They were also treated to a popcorn bar. You may ask what this is. For those people who are not able to eat just popcorn, the popcorn bar allows them to add other pollutants into their popcorn to “enhance” the flavor. I think they are making an excuse to eat candy and popcorn. All students who made their first quarter goals received an ice cream treat from McDonalds. A few people were randomly selected to win a free movie ticket to the Strand Theatre in Caro.

Looking ahead, Christ the King Lutheran School will be hosting a Read Around Night on Monday, March 1st. In addition to the family event, Little Knights Preschool will have public enrollment for preschool on Tuesday, March 6th, starting at 3:30 PM. Please come and register your little ones in two, three, or five day preschool. Finally, Mrs. Werschky will be holding her annual Kindergarten Meet and Greet on Tuesday, March 13th, starting at 5:45 PM.

A special treat for our students will be coming on Wednesday, March 14th. A comfort dog will be coming to help greet at an afternoon chapel. Chapel will begin at 12:45 PM at Sebewaing and 2 PM at Unionville. Finally, the CTK school play hosted by grades 2-4 will be taking place on Mon., Mar. 19th, and Tues., Mar. 20th. The times will be 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM, respectively.


Thank you again for your prayerful support of Christ the King Lutheran School.

In HIS Service,


David Kaiser, principal

Christ the King Lutheran School, Sebewaing/Unionville

From the Principal for February 2018

Greetings from Christ the King Lutheran School. CTK just celebrated Lutheran Schools in late January. Included in this festive week to celebrate Lutheran schools throughout the United States and the world were Movie Day, Teacher Switch Day, Mystery Reader Day, Servant Project Day, and Wacky Olympics. For clothing themes, students were able to come to school in PJs, mismatch clothing, Sunday Best, summer clothes, and CTK color clothing. Snacks were provided each day and students were even allowed to pick what lunches the wanted during the week. Special thanks to Mrs. Werschky, Mr. Deneen, Mrs. Brink, and Mrs. Yoder for coordinating the events this week. Also, thank you to Luke’s Market for their fruit donation, Mr. and Mrs. Marxhausen for making dinner for the faculty and staff (no students, this was for old people), and to those people who helped bake cookies and brownies - Mrs. Gremel, Mrs. Eimers, and whoever else was able to help as well. Also, thank you to all our staff who shared their faith with our students by praying with each class throughout the school day.

The students of CTK also began their second round of NWEA testing. Mrs. Yoder was able to program all the tests and setup the sessions for both campuses. Students again are taking these tests in lieu of the IOWA standardized tests.

On the last Friday of January, CTK Unionville invited all students and families to its gymnasium for another family event. A giant sheet was hung as families were able to fellowship with each other as CTK showed Paddington in the gym. Popcorn and drinks were provided. This was another event where parents were able to connect with their kids and have a great safe family night out. Thank you to those who helped with the projection as well as making popcorn. We appreciate the tasks you complete so we can have fun (and eat too!).

Coming up on the first Friday of the February, CTK will be honoring those students who achieved a 3.17-3.66 on the regular honor roll and those students who achieved a 3.66 or higher who have achieved the Principal’s List. This will be for the second quarter of the school year. Thank you, in advance, to Mrs. Julie Mammel for planning the food for this event. CTK is proud of the kids for doing a fine job in academics during the second quarter.

February looks to be a quiet month at CTK. I do want to thank you for your continued support of OUR school. It is my prayer that you will let your voice be heard at voters’ meetings about the direction towards which you want Christ the King to progress. Thank you to our supporters at St. Paul and Immanuel, and also at St. Peter, St. John, St. Paul, and Grace Lutheran Churches. It is paramount that we continue to work together to further HIS ministry.

I pray that you make a difference in God’s ministry this week.

In HIS Service,

David Kaiser, Principal

Christ the King Lutheran School, Sebewaing/Unionville


From the Principal for February 4, 2018

nullGreetings from Christ the King Lutheran School.  I would like to thank all those people who came to the first music concert last Sunday. Students from CTK music classes, as well as vocal and handbell choirs performed to glorify God. There were even some recorder and organ students who performed too. A small offering was collected which will help defer cost of the MusicFest fees for the choirs that will be attending the competition at Valley Lutheran High School this year. Thanks again for your support.

 “IT” is officially on! You may be wondering what “IT” is? The AR Challenge began on Monday, January 29th. CTK has been pitted against Lutheran schools nationwide to read as many books as possible. But that is not what they measure. Students then have to take AR tests and mark the correct answers. This challenge will be taking place through early March.

On Wednesday evening, Christ the King Athletics held its Parent Night recognizing those 8th grade parents who have supported their athletes through the A-Team Basketball Season. Those parents include: Mr. and Mrs. George Eurich, Mr. and Mrs. David Kaiser, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ballard, Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kuhl, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Maust, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Prime, and Mr. and Mrs. Marc Reinhardt. Thank you parents for your wonderful support of CTK and our programs over the years your babies have been here with us.

The 7th Grade students had their chance to be a servants this past Thursday. After chapel, Ms. Canfield and her crew traveled to Bay City where they learned about the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. Following a small presentation, they were put to work at the mission. This is the second time CTK has been to GSRM this year. Eighth grade helped out earlier this year. The students did a great job.

On Friday, CTK held its 2nd quarter Honor Roll Breakfast for students in grades 5-8. Of course great food was consumed while trying to digest some really bad jokes provided by me. Here is the listing of students and the honors they achieved for the 2017-2018 CTK Honor Roll, Second Quarter:


GRADE FIVE: *Dalton Anderson, Eli Kaiser, Channing Kuhl, *Lily Mammel, Blair McIntosh,* Parker Ritchey, Jeffersen Schuette, Noah Shelson, Chloe Smith, Connor Sonntag, *Carter Toft, Will Welch,

GRADE SIX: *Taylor Alderson, Veronica Brink, Kayla Eremia, Jenna Gremel, Grace Herman,    *Evalinn Monforton, Ella Neumann, Konnor Olson, *Alberta Reinbold, *Rachel Sattelberg, Brittney Sting, *Claire VanTol,* Hanna Welch

GRADE SEVEN: Madison Gettel, Seth Gremel, *Carson Holland, *Olivia Jubar, *Kelsey Nitz, Gabriella Reinbold, Kennedy Schember,  *Rainey Schuette, Keaton Shelson, Mia Stecker, JoAn Welch, Riley Werschky

GRADE Eight: Joshua Eurich, Emma Kaiser, Ruby Kauffold, *Brooklynn Kuhl, Dawson Kuhl, *Adam Maust, Anna Prime, *Macy Reinhardt, *Emma VanTol, Bailey Weir


GRADE FIVE: Ethan Bohn, Gavin Hoy, Gabriel Payne, Courtney Zuzga

GRADE SIX: Benjamin Abke, Zachary Hahn, Emma Hoy, Adrian Koepf, Jayden Wilson

GRADE SEVEN: Michael Lutz, Zachary Scholtz

GRADE EIGHT: Bryce MacFarlane

CTK students were given the task of making some encouragement cards for a servant project during Lutheran Schools Week. I know that cards have been delivered to Vada Villa Adult Foster Care and also to Medallion Village. Cards will also be sent to a school in Arizona which has ties to OUR CTK family. Finally, the students in grades 2-4 will send their encouragement cards to the shut-ins of St. Paul and Immanuel before Valentine’s Day.


If you know of a family who you feel would be a blessing to Christ the King Lutheran School and would enjoy the benefits of a Lutheran school education, I would love for you to give them my name and contact information (989-577-9432). I would love to take some time to talk with them about the ways that Christ the King has been blessed by our wonderful congregations.


In HIS Service,


David Kaiser, Principal

From the Principal for Jan. 28, 2018

nullWow! This week just flew past. Christ the King Lutheran was very busy this week. Children had a movie day, a day where a different teacher came in and taught a lesson, a mystery reader, a servant project, and some wacky Olympics. They had popcorn, fruit, ice cream, and a bunch of other food. They got to dress in PJs, dress in the dark (mismatch day), dress for success, summer dress day (for the die hards of Lutheran School Week spirit!), and CTK Blue and Silver Day. Many thanks to EVERYONE who helped to make this a great week to be a Lutheran school. In addition, the faculty and staff even got to have some quiet fellowship on Wednesday morning at breakfast (Thanks again, Marxhausens!!!)

After a whirlwind week like that, any other week would just seem calm. During this coming week, CTK will have Parent Night for 8th grade athletes on Wednesday night at the Sebewaing gymnasium. This will take place at 4:30 PM. We want to honor the parents of our CTK athletes with a small recognition.

On Thursday, it will be the 7th grade class’s turn to make a trip into Bay City. This will be their first trip to the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. It is my hope that they will see the joy that comes from volunteering and being a servant to those who need our help.

On Friday, Christ the King will be celebrating those students who have achieved a 3.17 or higher as the Honor Roll Breakfast will be taking place. I will be emceeing the event with my above average jokes (I set the bar low at the beginning and have been increasing my bad humor during each event.). A special thank you to Mrs. Julie Mammel for coordinating this event for parents and students to have fellowship with one another. Teachers are still tabulating grades so we will post the Honor Roll next week.

Mrs. Geiger wanted me to announce to 8th grade parents that time has come to think about ordering Confirmation and graduation downs. Please let the church office know by Friday, February 10th if your child will need a cap and gown ($32), a gown only ($27), or a cap and tassel ($14). Please contact the church office even if you are not in need of anything. If the church office is not notified by February 9th, a cap and gown will be ordered and you will be charged. Please contact the church office by phone 883-3050 or by email:

That is the news that we have for this week at Christ the King Lutheran School. I asked this during a recent voters’ assembly - please pray. Open up your church directory and begin praying for each name listed in that book. There are both school families and church families who are truly hurting. They are hurting emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Even though a person is wearing a smile, doesn’t mean they are having a good day.

Again, I want to extend thanks on behalf of the faculty, staff, students, and parents of Christ the King Lutheran School for your full support of OUR Lutheran school. We continue to be part of God’s ministry because of you and your prayers. As we continue to pray for you, it is my hope that you would reciprocate those conversations to our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

I pray that you make a difference in God’s ministry this week.

In HIS Service,


David Kaiser, Principal

Christ the King Lutheran School, Sebewaing/Unionville