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Help Us Fill the Train for Fall

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Help Us Fill the Train for Fall On October 3

The women of our LWML are inviting you to help us gather items for Orphan Grain Train, Michigan. They're handing out trash bags through the end of September. You're invited to fill it with the forgotten treasures from your closets and bring the filled bag back to us on Sunday, October 3. Items donated will be taken to the Orphan Grain Train in Sebewaing. From there, they'll be shipped to people in need around the world. If you'd like to go an extra step, you can check out Orphan Grain Train's "wish list" at this link. Or, if you'd really like to go the extra mile, you can donate money to help cover shipping costs. You can learn more about our Michigan branch of Orphan Grain Train at their website. Thank you!

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40 Days - 40 Items Starts Feb. 23

Wednesday, February 26 is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. This year the Ladies of the LWML are asking you to remove one item from your closet that you no longer need or wear and put it in a trash bag that we we will start you off with on Sunday, February 22. We ask that you bring the bag full of donated items to church the Sunday after Easter, April 19. Items donated will be taken to the Orphan Grain Train in Sebewaing. You can learn more about our Michigan branch of Orphan Grain Train through the video below or at their website. Thank you!





LWML Mite Boxes

Anyone who has a mite box can turn them in anytime to a LWML member.  Thanks to everyone who is putting mites in their mite box! 

We greatly appreciate your giving!

Donate Your Christmas Cards

The LWML is again collecting used or new Christmas cards to make Christmas Booklets. These booklets are taken to shut-ins or nursing homes. We are collecting Christmas cards only. 

Thank you,

LWML Ladies

“Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply” Wednesday Mornings

Ladies, you’re invited to join us in the church basement for a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings, beginning September 12, from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Come and be filled to the brim and beyond with God’s Good News. Sip, savor, and drink deeply from His word as we work our way through the book, “Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply” by Deb Burma. null

About the Book

The idea of a coffee break is enticing, isn’t it? Even if coffee isn’t your beverage of choice, you look forward to downtime, especially if it is spent with a friend who wants your company.

Jesus is such a friend. The Lord wants our company. He invites us to meet with Him in His Word. Just imagine what He has in store for us as we meet Him with our “cup”—our self—a vessel created and chosen by God, redeemed in Christ, and ready to be filled for His purpose.

Time spent in Bible study will fill you to the brim and beyond with God’s Good News. Sip, savor, and drink deeply from His Word. Receive the outpouring of His grace, His joy, and His peace!


LWML Collecting Addresses of College Students

The ladies of our LWML group here at St. Paul are asking for your help. Every year they send out a special gift to our college students to encourage them and remind them that we're thinking and praying for them. To do that, we need to make sure our list of addresses is current. As you prepare to send your college student (back) to school, would you take a moment to share their school address with us so that the LWML can include him/her?

Please help us by either contacting the church office by phone at 989-674-8681, by email at stpaulluthunionville@airadv.net, or using the form below. Thanks!

(Please note, these addresses will be used to update our church database and the list of college students maintained by our LWML group. Unless you tell us not to, we will use it to help connect your son/daughter with the nearest LCMS campus minisry. The information will not be shared with anyone else.)



New Women's Bible Study

Update (8/16)!— Meeting Time Has Been Set

The study will be held on Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. for 8 weeks, beginning Tuesday, September 18.


New Women's Bible Study: "Altogether Beautiful"

Women of all ages, married and single, are invited to join author Heidi Goehmann on an eight-week journey through the Song of Songs (through videos and a physical workbook), to draw near to God and His Word and discover just how much the God of the universe considers His daughters beautiful.

Heidi will lead our study through weekly videos helping us to dive deep into the Song to extract the incredible beauty and truth found there. Each week, you’ll have five days of homework to complete in the workbook, designed to get you in the Word every day.

In this incredible book of the Bible, we discover deep spiritual truths, grapple with some of the most uncomfortable topics and questions found in the Bible, and—perhaps best of all—see the fantastic and lavish love our Savior offers us. (find out a little more about the study and about the author)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The details for time and day will be coming soon, but we've arranged to host this study at the "Mom Cave" at the Gateway Guesthouse in downtown Unionville.


About the Study

You are beautiful.

You might not believe it, but you are.

The world might tell you that your beauty comes from your curly hair or your long eyelashes or your perfectly spaced freckles, but the truth is you are beautiful because of who you are in Christ.

Altogether Beautiful is a video-based Bible study of the Song of Songs that explores what it means to be loved fiercely and called beautiful by the God of the universe. Led by Heidi Goehmann, this study walks through each chapter to not only help you better understand and apply the wisdom offered in the Song, but also challenge you to securely ground your identity in the one who makes you beautiful—Jesus.

Whether you’re married or single, young or old, you will find truth and comfort in the Song of Songs because this song, ultimately, is about the fierce love God has for you, His bride, whom He declares altogether beautiful.


About the Author


Heidi Goehmann is a deaconess (MSW, LISW) and a licensed independent social worker. She leads I Love My Shepherd Ministries and ilovemyshepherd.com, which exist to offer encouragement and usable resources for those in ministry and those to whom they minister.

She describes herself this way: "I’m a writer. A Child of God. A professional woman. A wife. A theologian. A therapist. A mama. A wild heart. I do a lot of things, just like I eat a lot of foods. I created I Love My Shepherd because I was tired of seeing people pigeon-holed, put into boxes. I saw this happening in my life in ministry and as a Christian, as a woman, across cultures, and especially in topics and diagnoses surrounding mental health."

Preview the Study



In part because of the technology needs for the study itself, but also to provide a more comfortable (and child-friendly) location, we'll be hosting this study at the "Mom Cave" of the Gateway Guesthouse. (The first floor space of the building that used to be Lily's Flower Shop.)