From our Principal, Mr. David Kaiser

nullGood Day from Christ the King Lutheran School. CTK has a few announcements to pass onto you. The 8th grade class was able to take part in its second servant event. They traveled to Bay City to Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. While they were there, they packed over 500 hygiene kits to be given away at a food drive in Bay City. Mrs. Jill Bair was pleased with the efficiency and production of our 8th grade students. Mrs. Bair messaged me back to let me know that next year, she will need over 600 packs completed because they ran out of the kits. 

Not to be outdone, the 5th grade students were recruited to help pick up black walnuts that had fallen at the Sebewaing campus. Mr. McGathy and Mr. Truemner had asked for their help. Both the students and two servants of God, Mr. Rod Truemner and Mr. Harold Gremel, were able to move an estimated 4,000 pounds of walnuts. The fifth grade was running out of gas when I went in and recruited a second class to help with the walnut elimination. The 2nd grade class was more than willing to help pick up the nuts too. Thank you to our Squirrel Squad for making mowing at the Sebewaing campus a little less bumpy.

There were several field trips that happened since the last newsletter. The preschool class went to Kohl farms. First Grade went to Miller’s Apple Orchard. Fifth Grade had their annual field trip to Bay City to the planetarium, antique mall, and of course, the Nut House. The Sixth through Eighth Grade classes traveled to Saginaw to watch a series of short story plays based upon the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. 

Annie Bowman, a fourth grade student at Christ the King Lutheran School in Sebewaing, has been selected to participate in "Be a Senator for a Day" Contest, held by the office of Phil Pavlov.  She was chosen from the entries at the Sebewaing Township Library, after the summer reading program was completed.  She will be traveling to the Capitol building in Lansing on October 19.  During her visit there, she will be treated to lunch, a tour of the Capitol building and a lesson on Michigan's history.  After that, she will be sworn in, as all newly elected officials, on the Michigan Senate Chamber Floor, as a Junior Senator for the day.  As part of her responsibilities, she, along with other Junior Senators, will take part in a committee hearing.  They will have an opportunity to listen to the positives and negatives of a bill.  Once testimony from each side of the issue is given, she will have time to ask questions, give opinions, and then vote on the topic.

The 4th graders raised funds for the Veteran's Homeless Shelter in Akron through a classroom coin war.  The donation will be given to the shelter for Veteran's day this November.  Each class had their own jugs in the hallway to collect their coins.  The object of the war is to collect as many pennies as you can.  Other grades can put silver coins in your jug though and it deducts pennies from the total penny count, but adds to the total amount. This is another creative way that our students minister to others.

The fall sports seasons wrapped up on Saturday, October 21st. The volleyball girls fell short in their tournament. The soccer team gave it their all and fell short in the Silver Championship. Thank you again to Ms. Canfield, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Neumann, Mrs. Sattelberg as well as to Mr. Kuhl for coaching and inspiring our young men and women of God. The B-basketball season will begin on November 7th.

A special note to our veterans who are reading this: On Thursday, November 9, Christ the King Lutheran School will once again be hosting our Veterans Day Program at 9:30 a.m. at the Sebewaing Campus.  If you have served in a branch of the military, even if it was not during a time of war, please come and join us.  You also do not have to have a connection to a student at Christ the King to attend.  Your presence is a “living history” of your time of service to our country.  We can teach this through books, but you have an amazing story to share.  If you have special memorabilia to also share, we would appreciate it.  Some people have worn their uniform, hat, special shirt, or special medallions.  Thank you for your service!  We look forward to seeing you soon.

The end of the 1st quarter is hurtling towards us. November 3rd marks the end of the quarter. Report cards will be handed out soon after. And of course, parent-teacher conferences will be on Nov. 9th and Nov. 10th. 

One small note about a way to help support OUR school: We all shop Amazon!  Whether you have Amazon Prime, or you simply shop at Amazon this is a great way to earn a little extra money that benefits Christ the King school.  What’s even better is that it costs you nothing!  While you are making your everyday and holiday purchases and throughout the year, simply enter amazon at this link:  Log in from that site as you normally would and search for Knights for a Brighter Tomorrow, Sebewaing, MI, select them to be the recipient of the donation from Amazon. When you complete your purchase Amazon makes a small contribution for the benefit of Christ the King School.  Those funds are used to provide many of the things our students need and again it costs you nothing.  What a simple way to make a big difference without spending more money.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of Christ the King Lutheran School, thank you for making the sacrifices you do in order to keep the word of Jesus Christ present in the lives of OUR young disciples on a daily basis. Please continue to pray for CTK and OUR students. You are truly a blessing to us.

null     God’s blessings and peace. 


     David Kaiser

     Principal of Christ the King Lutheran School