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CTK Music Concert


A Kickoff to National Lutherans School Week:

A Mid -Winter Music Concert


Students and Choirs of Christ The King Lutheran School

January 21 1:00 p.m. 

at Immanuel Lutheran Church

Please Note: This Concert is instead of the children playing/singing during the Sunday morning services.

Why a Concert?

A concert allows us to include a greater number of our students and a greater range of music than we could by having them play/sing during worship services. Even though it's a less convenient time/place, we hope that you will find it even more enjoyable.

January Notes from CTK (Jan. 2018)

nullHappy New Years from Christ the King Lutheran School. The teachers and students have begun the “second half” of the school year. The students have been questioned by Mr. Bunke because a Geography Bee will be held on Wednesday, January 10th. All are welcomed to this unique educational opportunity. Also coming up this month, CTK teachers will be attending the Valley Lutheran Teachers’ Conference on Monday, January 15th, while the students get the day off. The students will also be having a ½ day on Friday, January 19th. At the end of January, CTK will be celebrating its Lutheran heritage as it takes part in Lutheran Schools Week. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to allow Christ the King to exist for its Little Lutherans.


From the Principal for Jan. 7, 2018

nullFrozen blessings to you from Christ the King Lutheran School. Activities are beginning to pick up steam at CTK this month. Students were SO excited to come back to school. A few days to get acclimated into the school again before we all continue to push forward with the school year. There are a few activities which I would like to invite you to attend. Mr. Bunke will be hosting his annual Geography Bee for the Sebewaing Campus on Wednesday, Jan. 10th, with a start time near 9:30 AM. Students in grades 4-8 will battle each other after holding qualifying competitions in their classrooms with the topic of world and national geography. A new champion will be crowned. Please come out and see who will take home the title of 2018 Geography Guru of CTK.

I also want to remind parents, grandparents, and friends of CTK to come and worship with the students of CTK on Wednesday mornings. Now that Advent is over, the Sebewaing Campus will be holding its Chapel services again at 8 AM on Wednesdays while Unionville will continue to hold their Chapel services at 9:30 AM. Also, please remember that CTK students are currently collecting their offerings for Lutheran Special Education Ministries. The students started in December and will continue to bring offerings until the end of February.

I would love to have all CTK athletic fanatics check out the school website for a list of basketball games for the A-Team. The Knights were supposed to play on Friday night, but I am sure that the game was canceled due to the extreme cold temperatures outside. I have seen some practices and know that they will be able to heat up the competition as they play to God’s glory.

CTK will not be in session on Monday, January 15th, as the teachers will be attending the Valley Lutheran Teachers Conference. There will be a half day on Friday, January 19th, as this is the end of the quarter. Students will be dismissed at a new time, 11:20 AM. I ask that you say a prayer for the students at CTK to finish strong in academics as the quarter draws to a close. 

A thank you to Mr. Tim Smith (and helpers) and Mrs. Valerie Zuzga (and helpers) - these two servants of God did a great job giving the school floors a new shine over the Christmas Break. When you see them, please extend a hand and thank them for taking care of our buildings. 

Finally, I want to begin advertising for a family event on January 26th. There will be a family movie night which will be held on that Friday. There will be more details to come. This event will be taking place in the Unionville Campus gymnasium. 

One small smile to put on your heart…Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser and the first grade class at CTK will be preparing Bibles for a servant project. A grant from Thrivent was written so that the first grade class would be able to supply Bibles to anyone who attends a church service at St. Paul to take one. A small sticker will be placed on the inside cover to spread God’s message through this servant event. Thank you, Mrs. Kaiser and the 1st graders, for your willingness to give Bibles to those who need to hear it. 

nullI pray that you make a difference in God’s ministry this week.

In HIS ministry,

David Kaiser, Principal

Christ the King Lutheran School, Sebewaing/Unionville





New Freezer Needed for Hot Lunch Program at CTK

A request from Mrs. Kristi Eimers and CTK, Unionville: Our 19.2 cu. ft. upright freezer is no longer working in the school kitchen at Unionville. We are hoping that someone would be willing to donate a new upright freezer to Christ the King Lutheran School for the hot lunch program. If you are willing to do this, please contact the school office at 883-3730. Thank you for support.

From the Principal for 12/24/2017

nullMerriest Christmas Blessings to you from Christ the King Lutheran School. It is our hope and prayer that you are able to spend time with your family and friends during this Christmas time. The warmth of family is only overshadowed by the warmth of our Heavenly Father as He sends the most precious gift we will ever receive on Christmas - His Son, Jesus the Christ. Please spend time remembering Christmases past as well as having fellowship with your loved ones to create memories for years to come.

God bless you all, our family at Immanuel, St. Paul, St. John, St. Peter, and Grace.

Merry Christmas to you and thank you for your support of Christ the King Lutheran School.

David Kaiser, Principal of Christ the King Lutheran School in Sebewaing/Unionville

Meet Our “Christ Connectors” FIRST Robotics Team

After 9 years of competing in Lego robotics, our “Christ Connectors” robotics team from Christ the King has moved up and is competing in the “First Tech Challenge” league. We’re very proud of the job they’re doing! 

You can find out quite a bit more about the team, about the competitions, and track their progress at their website

From the Principal for 12/17/17

nullTo the person who is wishing for a White Christmas, please starting wishing on Dec. 24th. God’s warmest blessings to you and yours this festive Christmas season. The students are refining their Christmas programs. If you missed the CTK Unionville program on Friday morning, CTK would like to invite you to the same performance THIS afternoon. It will be taking place at St. Paul, Unionville, starting at 4 PM. The Unionville program is hosted by CTK students in preschool through 1st Grade. Christ the King Lutheran would also like to invite you to the CTK Sebewaing Christmas program being held on Wednesday, December 20th, at Immanuel in Sebewaing. This program will be provided by the 2nd through 8th Grade students of CTK. This program will start at 7 PM. Please come out and let OUR students share the Great News of our Savior’s birth with you.

When you have some spare time during your week, I would like to invite you to read some compositions that OUR 3rd grade students wrote. Mrs. Kundinger assigned the students to write about one gift that each child on earth would receive for Christmas. There were several misguided children who wished for Michigan State memorabilia (I am trying to change their mindsets). All joking aside, there are some students who exemplify CTK’s new mission statement. Following the example of the faith shown by their teacher, Mrs. Deb Kundinger, several of these students wished for either a Bible for each child or for a child to experience God’s love. This is why we at Christ the King thank you for your support. Amen, let it be so.

Christ the King has started collecting for a new offering recipient. From August to November, CTK collected $1,001 for the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs program. From December through February, the students will be sponsoring the Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM). Lutheran Special Education Ministries provides resource room services, professional development, and educational support to churches and schools across the country. Their ministry’s vision is to provide children the opportunity to grow academically and spiritually regardless of the challenges they may face. They’re constantly looking at ways to grow their ministry by serving and supporting as many children, families and Christian communities as possible. They are the Hearts for Jesus nomination for the MI District of LCMS.

Mr. Charles McGathy would like me to let ALL students (not just CTK kids) in grades 6-8 of an awesome dance planned for Thursday, December 21st, at CTK Sebewaing. The second annual Jimmy Jam is being held to raise money for Motts Children’s Hospital in honor of Jimmy Mammel. The dance will be held from 6:30-9:00 PM. It is a semi-formal dance so yes, Gentlemen, you need to wear a tie to the event (I think Charles is soft and will only make you wear it for one dance.). Cost is $5.00 per person. If you are able to bring in a set of PJs for the kids at the hospital, that would be awesome too (But don’t worry if you cannot!). I hope you will come out and enjoy this event provided by COLLIDE Youth Group.

There is one more chance to experience Advent in the Afternoon at the Immanuel Lutheran Church. Pastor Boyer will be leading us one more time in an Advent service at 2:25 PM. We had a few more adults show up this week but we still would like to invite you to join us this final time to worship our Lord and Savior together. CTK Unionville will still keep its traditional starting time of 9:30 AM on Wednesday for chapel. After the New Year arrives, we would still love to invite you to worship our Lord with us at 8 AM on Wednesday mornings.

A special thank you to Mr. Tim Smith and Mr. John Kemp from Christ the King Lutheran School. These two servants of God spent their Sunday last weekend looking for, finding, and fixing a leak in the Sebewaing campus boiler system. I wanted to acknowledge your hard work and effort. We appreciate you and the time use donate to help OUR school.

I will be putting this in the CTK newsletter but I wanted to clarify a point which was unclear last school year at this time. When CTK takes church attendance over Christmas Break, only regular Sunday services (or Monday night) will be counted. Please make note of this. I would love to see you at all the special services throughout the Christmas Break. Speaking of, please make sure that if you are a member at St. Paul or Immanuel Lutheran Church, you do fill out a record of fellowship card.

I have given Mr. McGathy the green light for Christmas Spirit Week at CTK. After learning a few years ago that having Snow White Day on a day wear the cooks were serving spaghetti for lunch was not a wise choice, we have carefully planned out the clothing themes for this week (Parents, you may NOW start dressing up your children this week.): Monday - Comfy, Cozy PJ Day; Tuesday - Identical Day; Wednesday - Traditional Christmas Color Day; and Thursday - Ugly Sweater and Festive Headgear Day.

Thank you for the opportunity to minister to your little loved ones. Each day, I have the pleasure of greeting these young men and women with a smile, a high five, a hug, or even a fist bump. These young people are the reason why the teachers and staff continue to work as hard as they do - to create a safe, loving environment where children are able to learn AND see the love of Jesus from these awesome people. I do ask that throughout this week, please say a prayer for all of the faculty and staff of CTK and the churches who support us.

I pray that you make a difference in God’s ministry this week.

In HIS ministry,

David Kaiser, Principal

Christ the King Lutheran School, Sebewaing/Unionville