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CTK Music Concert


A Kickoff to National Lutherans School Week:

A Mid -Winter Music Concert


Students and Choirs of Christ The King Lutheran School

January 21 1:00 p.m. 

at Immanuel Lutheran Church

Please Note: This Concert is instead of the children playing/singing during the Sunday morning services.

Why a Concert?

A concert allows us to include a greater number of our students and a greater range of music than we could by having them play/sing during worship services. Even though it's a less convenient time/place, we hope that you will find it even more enjoyable.

From the Principal for Jan. 14, 2018

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen of Immanuel, St. Paul, St. Peter, St. John, and Grace.

nullCTK will be running a reduced week next week. The teachers will be attending the Valley Lutheran Teachers Conference on Monday. This means, and I know I will break many students’ hearts by announcing this, there will be no school on Monday. To make matters worse, at the beginning of the year, the teachers requested a half day on Friday so that they would be able to work on records and grade cards. This means the students will again get cheated about of quality time with their teachers on Friday too.

I wanted to give an invitation to all supporters of CTK and our music program. On Sunday, January 21st, there will be a potluck luncheon (always has to be food involved) at noon. Following the potluck, all the choirs and music classes will be performing at the first annual Christ the King Lutheran School Mid-Winter Choir Concert. The concert is scheduled to begin at 1 PM. However, I am expecting large crowds may cause the potluck to run a little longer than one hour.

The Knights A-basketball teams played their first game at home on Tuesday. The game was against that team from the South - St. Paul, Millington. The girls played first. Though they had some jitters, knowing it was their first game, they eventually blew the doors off the gym and took care of business against the Lady Spartans. The boys’ team kept it competitive during the first half of their competition. The Spartans did take control of the game in the second half, being rude visitors leaving with a win.

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Bunke officiated the annual Christ the King Lutheran School Geography Bee. Finalists from preliminary contests in social studies classes competed against each other. The competitors were from grades 4-8. They included Grade 4: Maddox Nitz, Blaine Schmuck; Grade 5: Dalton Anderson, Carter Toft; Grade 6: Ben Abke, Taylor Alderson; Grade 7: Seth Gremel, Gabriella Reinbold; Grade 8: Dawson Kuhl, Emma VanTol. In the end, it came down to the cerebral heavyweights in the 8th grade. (I do need to mention Mr. Dalton Anderson from the 5th grade placed third.). Mr. Dawson Kuhl began the Geography Bee Champ as he answered the main island of Japan is called Honshu. Dawson will have the opportunity to take another geography exam to see if he will qualify for the National Geography Bee - what a lucky kid!

There are copies of the Christmas program from Sebewaing available in the school office. If you would like to make a free-will donation for a copy to cherish until next year, please feel free to stop in and purchase one from Mrs. Mammel. There are only 10 copies left.

Lutheran Schools Week will begin next weekend starting on Sunday, Jan. 21st. This week of celebration of Lutheran schools throughout the United States and worldwide always is a highlight to students as they receive treats, have fun activities, and even a mission project as well. LSW would not be possible for Christ the King without the support and prayers of you, our supporting congregations.

Hey Parents…The TIMEOUT group at Immanuel will be hosting a new parenting Bible study. The group has chosen three different dates - January 28, February 18, and March 18. Just remember that is will be the Sunday with an 8 as its last digit. Anyway, more details will be coming about this fellowship opportunity with other parents. Please watch the bulletin for more details.

Mrs. Geiger wanted me to announce to 8th grade parents that time has come to think about ordering Confirmation and graduation gowns. Please let the church office know by Friday, February 10th if your child will need a cap and gown ($32), a gown only ($267), or a cap and tassel ($14). Please contact the church office even if you are not in need of anything. If the church office is not notified by February 9th, a cap and gown will be ordered and you will be charged. Please contact the church office by phone 883-3050 or by email:

If you know of a family who you feel would be a blessing to Christ the King Lutheran School and would enjoy the benefits of a Lutheran school education, I would love for you to give them my name and contact information (989-577-9432). I would love to take some time to talk with them about the ways that Christ the King has been blessed by our wonderful congregations.

Finally, it is my pleasure to announce the December Isaac and Ruth award winners at Christ the King Lutheran School. Nominated by Mrs. Kundinger, Miss Sarah Boyer is the Ruth award winner from the 3rd grade class. Mr. Luke Gremel was nominated as the Isaac award winner by his preschool teacher, Mrs. Jenni Vermeersch. CTK is proud of these two young children of God. They are quite deserving of these awards.


I pray that you make a difference in God’s ministry this week.

In HIS Service,

David Kaiser, Principal

Christ the King Lutheran School, Sebewaing/Unionville


January Notes from CTK (Jan. 2018)

nullHappy New Years from Christ the King Lutheran School. The teachers and students have begun the “second half” of the school year. The students have been questioned by Mr. Bunke because a Geography Bee will be held on Wednesday, January 10th. All are welcomed to this unique educational opportunity. Also coming up this month, CTK teachers will be attending the Valley Lutheran Teachers’ Conference on Monday, January 15th, while the students get the day off. The students will also be having a ½ day on Friday, January 19th. At the end of January, CTK will be celebrating its Lutheran heritage as it takes part in Lutheran Schools Week. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to allow Christ the King to exist for its Little Lutherans.


From the Principal for Jan. 7, 2018

nullFrozen blessings to you from Christ the King Lutheran School. Activities are beginning to pick up steam at CTK this month. Students were SO excited to come back to school. A few days to get acclimated into the school again before we all continue to push forward with the school year. There are a few activities which I would like to invite you to attend. Mr. Bunke will be hosting his annual Geography Bee for the Sebewaing Campus on Wednesday, Jan. 10th, with a start time near 9:30 AM. Students in grades 4-8 will battle each other after holding qualifying competitions in their classrooms with the topic of world and national geography. A new champion will be crowned. Please come out and see who will take home the title of 2018 Geography Guru of CTK.

I also want to remind parents, grandparents, and friends of CTK to come and worship with the students of CTK on Wednesday mornings. Now that Advent is over, the Sebewaing Campus will be holding its Chapel services again at 8 AM on Wednesdays while Unionville will continue to hold their Chapel services at 9:30 AM. Also, please remember that CTK students are currently collecting their offerings for Lutheran Special Education Ministries. The students started in December and will continue to bring offerings until the end of February.

I would love to have all CTK athletic fanatics check out the school website for a list of basketball games for the A-Team. The Knights were supposed to play on Friday night, but I am sure that the game was canceled due to the extreme cold temperatures outside. I have seen some practices and know that they will be able to heat up the competition as they play to God’s glory.

CTK will not be in session on Monday, January 15th, as the teachers will be attending the Valley Lutheran Teachers Conference. There will be a half day on Friday, January 19th, as this is the end of the quarter. Students will be dismissed at a new time, 11:20 AM. I ask that you say a prayer for the students at CTK to finish strong in academics as the quarter draws to a close. 

A thank you to Mr. Tim Smith (and helpers) and Mrs. Valerie Zuzga (and helpers) - these two servants of God did a great job giving the school floors a new shine over the Christmas Break. When you see them, please extend a hand and thank them for taking care of our buildings. 

Finally, I want to begin advertising for a family event on January 26th. There will be a family movie night which will be held on that Friday. There will be more details to come. This event will be taking place in the Unionville Campus gymnasium. 

One small smile to put on your heart…Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser and the first grade class at CTK will be preparing Bibles for a servant project. A grant from Thrivent was written so that the first grade class would be able to supply Bibles to anyone who attends a church service at St. Paul to take one. A small sticker will be placed on the inside cover to spread God’s message through this servant event. Thank you, Mrs. Kaiser and the 1st graders, for your willingness to give Bibles to those who need to hear it. 

nullI pray that you make a difference in God’s ministry this week.

In HIS ministry,

David Kaiser, Principal

Christ the King Lutheran School, Sebewaing/Unionville





New Freezer Needed for Hot Lunch Program at CTK

A request from Mrs. Kristi Eimers and CTK, Unionville: Our 19.2 cu. ft. upright freezer is no longer working in the school kitchen at Unionville. We are hoping that someone would be willing to donate a new upright freezer to Christ the King Lutheran School for the hot lunch program. If you are willing to do this, please contact the school office at 883-3730. Thank you for support.

From the Principal for 12/24/2017

nullMerriest Christmas Blessings to you from Christ the King Lutheran School. It is our hope and prayer that you are able to spend time with your family and friends during this Christmas time. The warmth of family is only overshadowed by the warmth of our Heavenly Father as He sends the most precious gift we will ever receive on Christmas - His Son, Jesus the Christ. Please spend time remembering Christmases past as well as having fellowship with your loved ones to create memories for years to come.

God bless you all, our family at Immanuel, St. Paul, St. John, St. Peter, and Grace.

Merry Christmas to you and thank you for your support of Christ the King Lutheran School.

David Kaiser, Principal of Christ the King Lutheran School in Sebewaing/Unionville

Meet Our “Christ Connectors” FIRST Robotics Team

After 9 years of competing in Lego robotics, our “Christ Connectors” robotics team from Christ the King has moved up and is competing in the “First Tech Challenge” league. We’re very proud of the job they’re doing! 

You can find out quite a bit more about the team, about the competitions, and track their progress at their website