Lutheran Online Resources

Go Deeper...

We never stop learning God's Word and growing in our faith. Below are links to several websites that do a wonderful job of teaching the Truth of God's Word.

The Lutheran Church-- Missouri Synod

Our synod's website has a very comprehensive section on our doctrine and practice, including answers to many of the common questions people have about The LCMS. Also includes wonderful reporting on the work of our missionaries and LCMS Disaster Response. 

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Issues, Etc.

Issues, Etc., is "Christ Centered, Cross Focused Talk Radio," also billed as "talk radio for the thinking Christian." Host Pastor Todd Wilken talks with a constant series of guests about a wide variety of topics. The program airs Monday through Friday from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m., but past episodes are available on demand through their website. Click their logo below to learn more.


Worldview Everlasting

Begun with a series of Youtube videos by Pastor Jonathan Fisk, Worldview Everlasting (WETV)is "Committed to knowing nothing but Christ and Him crucified for the forgiveness of sins... and wondering why the church in America has forgotten (...while rocking out)." Pastor Fisk takes on viewer questions and unpacks the weekly Bible readings with a very unique style. Click their logo to learn more.


Lutheran Satire

Another Youtube channel (but not just another), Lutheran Satire is a rare piece of evidence that Lutherans do, in fact, have a sense of humor. In spite of the humor, they teach the Truth in a very powerful way. As they put it, they are "teaching the faith by making fun of stuff." Click their logo to learn more.


Higher Things

One of the recent blessings to come to our church body in the area of youth ministry is Higher Things. Their tagline: "Dare to be Lutheran" pretty much says it all. They have regional youth gatherings which do a wonderful job of giving youth groups from around the country the "youth gathering" experience, but in a way that connects them to their congregations rather than pulling them away. In addition to the regional gatherings, they also produce publications and videos that help youth process, understand, and respond to the many different ideas and worldviews that they are exposed to. A wonderful ministry producing wonderful resources.