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What Will You Do On Nov. 8?

Join us for a special Adult Bible Study on Sunday, October 30, during our Sunday school/adult Bible study time (10:15-11:15)-- either in person or through our live stream-- as we discuss the upcoming election on November 8. Don't worry, we're not going to tell you who or what to vote for. What we will do is read through a sample ballot, take a thoughtful look at what is-- and what isn't-- on it, and discuss how our faith shapes our approach to the candidates and proposals. 

(Sample ballots for Akron Township, Columbia Township, and Sebewaing Township will be available. All sample ballots printed directly from the "Michigan Voter Information Center" of the Michigan Department of State.)

Start "Sifting Truth From Lies" September 11

Our Sunday morning adult Bible study starts up again on September 11. We'll be discussing the Bible study, "One Truth Many Lies." Part of learning and

 growing in what we believe means distinguishing truth from lies. Using the three articles of the Apostles' Creed as our outline, we'll dig into 12 heresies that the devil has used to try to attack the Gospel. 

Heresies and false teachings have plagued the Christian Church from her earliest days, but few realize how these false teachings still impact the Church today. This Bible study explores significant false truths in the history of the Church and exposes them to the truth of the Scriptures, following the three-part pattern of the Apostles’ Creed:
• Who God is and what He has said
• The two natures of Jesus Christ, our Lord
• The work of the Holy Spirit, the gift of salvation, the ministry of the Church, and the resurrection of the dead

This isn't just a historical exercise. By wrestling with these lies, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to expose the modern versions of these false teachings and remain faithful to God’s Word.